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In 2007 Frank settled a tractor trailer semi-truck collision involving the death of a 44 year old for $1.5 million-in this case the driver of the truck was uninsured and Frank got the money from the owner of the trailer being hauled as well as the dispatch company that dispatched the driver from the Port of Los Angeles. In 2008 Frank settled a tire defect-tread separation case involving the death an unbelted infant passenger for $1 million.

Mr. O’Kane has vast experience in CRIMINAL DEFENSE in everything from DUIs, drug possession and intent to sell  to murder cases. Recently Mr. O’Kane defended a client accused of attempted murder facing 20 years in prison. Mr. O’Kane obtained a reduced sentence of 1 year in county jail plus probation.

Most DUI cases are reduced to dry charges with no jail time, no suspended license and minimum fines. Mr. O’Kane is also an expert at getting convictions EXPUNGED.

In his Lemon Law practice Frank has obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars for consumers who have been the victims of multiple repairs and dealer fraud. Just this year he obtained a six (6) figure settlement in a dealer fraud case where the consumer was sold a $200,000 car and the dealer failed to disclose that the car had been in a serious accident and was repaired and painted without using the manufacturer’s parts or paint. Frank also obtained a $51,000.00 settlement for a consumer who was the victim of multiple repairs on her five (5) year old used vehicle.

In Choi v. State of California, Frank obtained a $5 million settlement for a 32-year-old mother and homemaker who sustained serious head trauma after an accident with a Caltrans vehicle.

His other notable cases include McCall v. DOE Trailer, Co., ($4.55 million settlement) a product liability case concerning an overhead door

Pesso v. Myers, (verdict: $2.85 million), involving injuries from a vehicle rollover accident

Fell v. Doe ($3.65 settlement) in which a loading dock worker was seriously injured after being pinned by a truck against a commercial trash receptacle.

Staley v. MTA ($3.2 Million settlement) in which a UCLA graduate student suffered multiple injuries when hit by an MTA bus.

Passy v. State Farm ($3.05 million settlement), an uninsured motorist case involving fibromyalgia and closed head injury.

Most recently Frank settled the case of Peterson v. Quickrete for the wrongful death of a 50-year-old father of three in the sum of $7.75 million.